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What Sets Dr. John T. Thompson’s Corpus Christi Practice Apart?

Many patients think that every dentist’s office is the same, but just as every smile is unique so is every dentistry practice. Dr. John T. Thompson’s dental team is proud to offer family friendly, compassionate, honest, and conservative dental care that exceeds even the highest expectations. Keep reading or contact our Corpus Christi office to find out more about what makes Dr. Thompson’s office so unique.

Family-Friendly Office

It’s a hassle to schedule multiple office visits at numerous practices to ensure you kids get the oral health care they need. In fact, many patients neglect their own oral health due to this inconvenience. Our practice not only offers family appointments, but care from a team who have training and experience working with kids. That means your most precious smiles get the same high level of care that you receive at our office.

Casual & Compassionate Care

Do you avoid visiting the dentist because you feel ashamed of the condition of your oral health? Do you dread answering that annoying question, when was the last time you flossed? At Dr. Thompson’s practice, we are dedicated to making oral health care stress and judgment free.

Honesty & Transparency

We don’t “up sell” services or recommend extensive care when a simple procedure will do. We are dedicated to offering patients complete transparency. We work in partnership with our patients in order to explain treatment options, and find the appropriate care for their unique situations.

Conservative Treatment Options

Above all else, we are a practice focused on prevention. That means diagnosing and treating oral health concerns in their earliest stages in order to provide conservative treatment options that preserve natural dental structures.