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Tooth-Colored Fillings in Corpus Christi

Nearly everyone will have a cavity at some point or another in their lives. Thankfully, treating them is easy and fast with our tooth-colored fillings! Unlike the traditional amalgam option, this improvement is made of quality composite resin, which can be precisely shaded to match your teeth. The result is so seamless that only you and Dr. John Thompson know where the filling actually is or that you even have one.

Here in Corpus Christi, TX, our team believes in making the dentist’s office a fun and casual place where patients of all ages can feel happy. Contact us today to schedule a first appointment for you or a loved one! We also serve the areas of Robstown, Orange Grove, Alice, Sinton, and beyond.

There are multiple reasons why our team may recommend having a tooth-colored filling placed, including:

The Filling Process

After numbing the area to ensure your comfort, Dr. Thompson will carefully remove the damaged portions of your tooth while taking care to preserve healthy areas. Once the tooth is properly cleaned and prepared, he’ll place the composite resin material, shape it to match its surroundings, and harden it in place with a special light. That’s it! The procedure is finished in just one appointment.

In addition to their natural look, tooth-colored fillings also allow our team to save even more of your natural tooth, and the lack of metals means that you won’t suffer from sensitivity caused by changes in temperature. Your tooth will be able to thrive!