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Preventive Dentistry in Corpus Christi

Dr. John Thompson and his staff are happy to provide patients advanced restorative and cosmetic services, from dental implants to veneers to Invisalign – but if we had our way, you’d never even need them in the first place. Prevention is our first plan of action, and we take it seriously. By protecting and strengthening your smile through the years, we help you enjoy it for that much longer.

Our team loves welcoming families! Feel free to contact us today if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to schedule your first appointment. Located in Corpus Christi, TX, we also serve the surrounding areas of Sinton, Alice, Orange Grove, Robstown, and beyond.

Check-ups & Cleanings

Even people who are very diligent about brushing and flossing can fall victim to dental problems they don’t even see coming. That’s why you need a great dental team in your corner! We recommend visiting our practice twice a year for an in-depth examination and cleaning. These visits are important because they allow Dr. Thompson to locate problems at early stages, which makes treatment easier and saves your smile from more significant damage or discomfort down the road. Our team will inspect the surfaces of each tooth, the gums, the bite, any current restorations, and more for the sake of developing a complete picture of your unique needs; digital X-rays will be a big help as well.

One of the main threats to your oral health is the presence of plaque, a sticky, film-like substance that’s constantly forming over enamel bringing plenty of bacteria with it. While plaque can be cleared away with your oral hygiene routine at home, any missed areas turn into tartar, a hard deposit that can’t be removed without professional help. Thankfully, an in-depth cleaning with one of our excellent hygienists will leave your smile feeling nicely polished.

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Teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) is a common habit, and one that many patients just can’t seem to stop on their own. This is understandable – usually, bruxism strikes when someone is asleep leaving them with bad headaches, inexplicably damaged teeth, and other worrying symptoms in the morning. If we discover signs of teeth grinding during your routine check-ups here in Corpus Christi, Dr. Thompson may recommend wearing a customized nightguard. This oral appliance provides tough barriers that keep your smile safe while you rest easy.

Periodontal Therapy

There’s plenty of focus on keeping teeth healthy, but your gums are just as important! In fact, periodontal disease is one of the most common health conditions on the planet, with many patients who aren’t even aware of its presence. Dr. Thompson will always screen for tell-tale signs of periodontal disease during your check-ups, and if our team locates any symptoms, we provide the personalized attention you need to regain a healthy smile. Depending on the severity of your condition, we may suggest more frequent appointments antibiotic therapy, or an in-depth cleaning that’s better known as scaling and root planing.  

Children’s Dentistry

Here in Corpus Christi, we’re happy to treat every member of your family including those whose smiles aren’t finished growing. Dr. Thompson strongly believes in instilling good oral hygiene habits from a young age, which is why our team will do everything in our power to make dental care fun and comfortable for them. We keep a close eye out for any signs of developmental issues that could cause problems during their gentle check-ups and cleanings. Additionally, services like dental sealants and fluoride treatment are great for protection strengthening their smiles against the threat of decay and cavities.

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Sedation Dentistry

We get it – the dentist’s office can be a scary place for some patients. You might feel unsettled by the sights and sounds, or maybe you had a bad experience as a child. Whatever the case, we want to help you feel genuinely at ease during every appointment, and sedation dentistry can make that goal a reality. These techniques are designed to take the edge off negative emotions allowing patients to sit back and relax as we handle all the work. 

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Oral Hygiene Products

Working towards a happier, healthier smile doesn’t end when you leave Dr. Thompson’s practice. Maintaining a diligent routine at home is also important! Our team can recommend quality toothpastes, mouthwashes, teeth whitening agents, and other products for you and your family that are sure to have great results.