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Get a Straight Smile with ClearCorrect in Corpus Christi

The alignment of your teeth is vital to your oral health and confidence. Unfortunately, most people are not born with naturally straight teeth. As a result, you need orthodontic treatment to correct the alignment of your teeth while giving you a confident smile. Although you could choose traditional metal braces, which are effective, there are numerous disadvantages. You need a more sophisticated treatment that is less noticeable. We offer ClearCorrect in Corpus Christi to give you a straight, healthy smile without brackets and wires.

Benefit from the Clear Choice

ClearCorrect braces are different than metal braces because no brackets or wires are used. Instead, custom-made aligners are worn over the teeth to gradually move them into position. This has quickly become the most preferred orthodontic treatment because the aligners are clear. As a result, no one is able to tell you are wearing them. In addition, they are removable, so you will not have oral hygiene or dietary restrictions like those with metal braces.

Overall, you enjoy a simpler and comfortable treatment. The aligners are smooth so there is no irritation to the inside of the lips or cheeks. There is no tugging or pulling of wires because you do not need adjustments. Since no adjustments are needed, you do not need to visit the dentist as often. However, you will still need to come in every few weeks so we can monitor the progression of your treatment.

Your treatment time will also be shorter so you can have a new smile quicker. Although the length of your treatment plan will vary depending on your specific needs, the average treatment length is about 12 months. In as little as one year, you will have the confident, straight smile you have always wanted.

Start Your Journey to a Straight Smile

If you are ready for a straight smile with clear aligners, you need to schedule your consultation with your dentist in Corpus Christi. Dr. John Thompson will perform a comprehensive examination to ensure you are a candidate for the aligners. He will use images and impressions to create a map of your treatment. Using this information, he will develops a series of custom-made aligners.

You will wear each aligner in the series for about three weeks. You need to keep the aligners in place at all times, expect when eating, drinking, and caring for your teeth. Over the course of the next few months, you will gradually see your teeth move into their correct position. At the end of your treatment, you will briefly need a retainer to prevent your teeth from moving back into their previous positions.

Get a Straight Smile Today

The alignment of your teeth is important to reducing your risk for gum disease and tooth decay. Not to mention, straight teeth allow you to smile confidently. Now, you can get a straight, healthy smile without metal braces or wires.

With ClearCorrect, you benefit from a virtually invisible treatment with superior benefits. If you are ready to start your journey to a straight, healthy smile, contact our office today to schedule your consultation for ClearCorrect.